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(Latest Update) VLC Media Player v2.0.8 Portable Free Download With Skins - Keyguru

VLC Media Player Portable v2.0.8 Final Update 2013 - Keyguru

VLC (VLC Media Player 2.0.8) Player from SourceForge is a very popular media player and hardly needs an introduction. It is a Windows compatible player and perhaps the favorite when it comes to playing any kind of media that the old Windows Media Player cannot. However, if some people felt that the player needed to be portable, here it is. It is made compact so that its size is reduced considerably and it can be carried around in USB devices and played without the need to be installed. The latest available version is 2.0.4, released on October 19, 2012.

This is a portable version of the VLC Player. It needs no installation. Users just need to download it and they are good to go. It is a small file and can be taken anywhere and plays any media file whatsoever.

User Interface
The interface of VLC portable is exactly like the full-fledged version, though stripped off the fancier features like skin support or more advanced configuration options. The simple interface has got just enough options to let users get what they want without complicating things.

Key Features
VLC portable is a powerful player that plays media formats of practically any kind. It can also convert and stream media aside from being able to capture audio and video. It also displays a lot of information about the media files currently being played. It also has an equalizer to enhance the audio to suit the user’s taste. There is not much there really that needs to be said about this excellent player.

Price and Support
One of the best things about this player is that it comes free of cost. It is an open source application and has plenty of documentation and support available on its website. Users can also customize it to suit their specific needs if they are familiar enough with programming.

This is one player that plays any media file without wasting the user’s time. It is recommended for anyone who wants to play any kind of media quickly and efficiently.

Vlc Media Player 2.0.8 Portable Download 2013 Update

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